Regulate Alcohol with The Perfect Shot!

You set the Time, Volume and Shots per Day!

What is The Perfect Shot?

PerfectShot5 The Perfect Shot is a 2-liter, crystal glass, secure decanter to store your alcohol. Simply fill The Perfect Shot with your favorite spirit and you'll have many options as to HOW and WHEN your alcohol is dispensed. In free-flow mode, The Perfect Shot will dispense a measured shot from 1/2 to 6 ounces per drink each time - you'll always know how much alcohol is in each drink. You can add a SECURITY CODE which is required before each dispense to keep unwanted inhabitants from drinking your alcohol. The Perfect Shot also allows you to regulate your drinking TIME and total VOLUME as well - yes, you can pre-program your alcohol consumption! For example, you can program The Perfect Shot ONLY to dispense from 5 to 7pm, and LIMIT the total drinks to 2. When you find the dispensing routine that's right for you, you can "lock" your program from 1 to 30 days.


Product no.: 64-01

Use The Perfect Shot to store your alcohol. You have the choice of adding a security code before alcohol can be poured from The Perfect Shot. You can also choose to REGULATE how much alcohol is dispensed per day!

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